Artiuculated Bullethead Darter
The Articulated Bullethead Darter… I can say without a doubt THIS IS THE BEST SHALLOW WATER FINESSE FLY I HAVE EVER TIED OR FISHED.

I hardly use anything else. The fly has taken over 37 different fish species from bluegill to tarpon. The Icelandic streamer hair and the articulated connector produces a fly that never stops moving. It is unweighted so it can be fished in the shallowest waters and kept in front of that non-aggressive fish until it can’t stand it.

Articulated Bullethead Darter
This is the size of the original Bullethead...4 1/2"
Articulated Bullethead Darter- Single
This articulated Bullethead is 6" long. It works when that predator wants a bigger meal.