These books deal with some of my favorite fish species with real information on catching these fish and also flies that will get the job done.

Get All Four Starter Books
Buy all my "get started" books and Save $10.00. I have always enjoyed helping folks become effective fly fishers in the shortest amount of time and offer this series of books to get you started on some of my favorite gamefish. These fish have been pursued personally for over fifty-plus years and these "GET STARTED BOOKS" express some of my knowledge and experience to help you jump start your pursuit of these fine gamefish. All titles are under a hundred pages, but with some real techniques to put fish on your line and each book describe some fly patterns and how to tie them that maybe you aren't familiar with and also fishing techniques to fish them. Or buy the one that you would like to learn to fish for and experience.
SPIRAL BOUND BOOKS-Not only are they my complete fly patterns for fresh & saltwater and the Bullethead Darter, but the fresh & saltwater books contain a array of fly tying tips and techniques from my over fifty year at the bench. These tips will not only help you to produce a durable fly, but do it in a time saving manner. The tips alone could be published as a mini-booklet.