With a lot of thought and close to sixty years tying behind the vise, I have decided to simplify my life and only offer flies of my design. There are many tiers and shops out there carry a general selection of fresh and saltwater flies.

Thanks for all of my customers that have bought other flies from me on my site as well as my shop. I will continue to carry my flies.

BONEFISH FLIES You might think this a pretty short list of bonefish flies, but these are the only flies I ever fish. I have been to Central America, Florida and all over the Caribbean and this is my arsenal.

Contact me and I will describe my complete fly arsenal in regards to the sizes for certain areas.
SALTWATER FLIES Our saltwater selection will handle all inshore, offshore and bluewater species. You will find throughout, most of my fly patterns use a fire-orange thread head. This little touch really gives the predatory fish a visible target and that adds up to greater success on the water. You will also note that vast majority of my saltwater flies and some freshwater version carry a epoxy head for durability.
BASS FLIES These bass are argumentatively the most popular sought after fish in the nation. Growing up around some of the best rivers for smallmouth in the USA, I have spent many days pursueing these feisty fish. And have developed a few fly patterns that certainly ring both largemouth and smallmouth bass dinner bell.

Don't forget to look at my Bullethead Darters. They are the best shallow water fly I have ever used and they will light up the bass.
SHAD FLIES_Looks like a very small list, but fishing for shad for years these are the only flies I needed
Artiuculated Bullethead Darter
The Articulated Bullethead Darter… I can say without a doubt THIS IS THE BEST SHALLOW WATER FINESSE FLY I HAVE EVER TIED OR FISHED.

I hardly use anything else. The fly has taken over 37 different fish species from bluegill to tarpon. The Icelandic streamer hair and the articulated connector produces a fly that never stops moving. It is unweighted so it can be fished in the shallowest waters and kept in front of that non-aggressive fish until it can’t stand it.