Fishing and fly tying is always a work in progress. I believe there are many small things we can do that will make a fly a better fish-catcher. Little additions to the fly design can indeed make a difference.

This book is a composite of six decades of learned skills and insights that I hope will help you become a better fisherman as well as a speedy and efficient tier. The chapters are broken down with regards to tools, materials, helpful hints, and fly patterns to help illustrate some of these tips and techniques. Learn techniques to tie weed guard and making deer hair bugs, along with other fly patterns that will reinforce my tying techniques and tips.

I strongly feel my companion book to this book is my FLY DESIGN THEORY & PRACTICE. It describes why I tie patterns like I do and with helpful insights on fish behavior and moods to further help you understand how to tie for success. With these two books you will be armed to create the “silver bullet” fly, if you do create this fly, please send me a note. I have a special price for buying both books in lieu of just purchasing the tying book.

With these two books your will be armed to create the "silver bullet fly"