A half century of fly fishing, as well as tying flies, has given me a pretty good understanding of fish and a better appreciation of their environment. It wasn’t always that way though; my first experience with the fly rod was not a pretty sight. I bought a dozen flies from a department store for a dollar (you can imagine the quality) and went to a farm pond armed with my Dad’s hardware store outfit. I actually did catch some bluegill, though, and was hooked. Soon after, I started to tie my own flies. I bought my first fly tying kit for eight dollars and proceeded to tie some strange flies with it. Some of the results actually worked on bass, panfish and saltwater species. This inspired a love of designing flies that has never left me.

I opened The Fisherman’s Edge Fly Shop in 1989 and it existed for fifteen years before I decided to retire and play more, (my wife always felt I played before this). In those years I helped thousands of folks to enjoy fly fishing and in the process I kept maturing and expanding my love for the sport. I became a freelance writer, authored four books and numerous booklets on fly fishing and tying. I’m always tinkering at the tying bench trying to create that “silver bullet,” the fly that will catch every fish, every time ….I'm still looking.

All the flies on this site are time-tested through years plowing the waters of the United States as well as the world and are tied by me personally.

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